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With the proliferation of the internet of things, cloud computing and open IT architectures, cyber crime is growing more rapidly than cyber security. Everything relying on cyberspace is potentially at risk. Every enterprise must find the right partner with the right skills to protect the business and revenue.

Cyber Odysseys helps organizations plan and execute an integrated cyber approach to harness the power of new open technologies and architectures that enhance business strategies and operations, without compromising security.

    Our Methodology

    Through years of experience operating under government and big corporations needs, a unique methodology has been developed that provides an agile and privileged position in the cyber security arena.

      Our Team:

      Specialized and profound experience in complicated scenarios makes us a one stop shop with the most effective solutions.

        Our Services

        With a full and integrated list of services and combining professional cyber capabilities with management expertise your company or institution will reach new opportunities in a safer Cyber space

          Our Approach

          Extended experience in evaluating security status scenarios  with “black hat” eyes and fixing it with  “white hat” capabilities. Our unique approach together with our methodology will provide your company or institution with a solid, robust and impenetrable architecture.

          Cyber Odysseys delivers Outstanding Performance

          Our team has designed, architected and built the Israeli Government’s Security Operations Center, CERT and Research teams. As such, we dealt with countless attacks and incidents, including large scale Denial of Service attacks, high end malicious codes and high level attacks against the internet infrastructure of the Israeli government.

          Amount of daily attacks that our team has deal


          The amount of daily attacks that our team has dealt with is in the excess of 30,000,000 attack incidents per day (350 attacks per second), with the numbers growing exponentially at times of political crisis. In order to deal with this type of attacking effort, our team has had to build its own methodology constantly adapting to new forms of attacks.

          Avi Biran : CEO of Cyber Odysseys explains his views on Cyber Security.

          The Management Team

          Mr Avi Biran.

          Co-founder and Partner


          Mr. Avi Biran is the CEO of Cyber Odysseys, a cyber security company incorporated in Israel. Prior to that, he worked for 25 years for the elite Technological Unit of Israel’s Intelligence Corps Special Forces, where he served as a senior commander in the Cyber Command. Over the years he acquired deep knowledge of Cyber Warfare, computer networks, special communication systems, satellite systems as well as complicated electronic systems.
          Mr. Biran was among the first group that strategically designed the foundations for the cyber security arena. During that time he was the initiator and the leading commander for novel and innovative technological groups that contributes directly to the security of the state of Israel, and for that, he got several awards. His last project was founding and building the new Cyber Command for the Intelligence Corps Special Forces. 
          Mr. Biran holds a B.Sc. in Robotics from The Technion, Israel Institute for Technology, and MBA from Tel Aviv University, and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Mr. Biran is a recipient of the Eisenhower Fellowship for International Leadership 2011, and a member of Eisenhower Fellowships since then.


          Cyber Odysseys commercial strategy is to develop a solid and trustable network of partners. Our mission is to provide cyber security solutions any place in the world where our customers requested us.
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