Cyber Odysseys is a global guaranteed consulting cyber security services partner with unique capabilities.

Through Unique, Innovative and agile approaches.

Adopting hackers way of thinking.

Checking for the threats by conducting a comprehensive security assessment of the company.

Developing a Plan of Security Strategy suitable for the institution or business nature.

Implementing Technology.

Increasing reliability of your system and reducing false alarms.

Differentiating your company by increasing costumers loyalty and confidence.


Cyber Security Comprehensive Risk Assessment

The qualified team will examine each of the risk areas, and identify the weaknesses of the company’s current security posture. This analysis will be consolidated into a tailored action plan that will help close the gap between best practices and current situation. It will enable the enterprise with an effective security strategy and ensure cyber risk management.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber security intelligence is a critical component in the defense strategy of any large corporation. Cyber Odysseys’ intelligence services provides the right inputs to adjust organizational procedures and configure security technologies. The design of the cyber security solution will protect the enterprise against attacks and mitigate risks, and provide insights to the technical staff and leadership team of how to best manage security.

Cyber Training

Cyber Odysseys will build the cyber security teams in your enterprise. The team will receive the most complete tabletop exercises and cyber training course as well as developing blueprint for cyber intelligence services.At the end of the process, the corporation will have a trained Cyber Security team to take control of the daily defense of the company.