Protecting corporate data, operations and revenue of global enterprises on a daily basis.


Global Cyber Security Solutions with guaranteed methodology and capabilities.



Providing effective and innovative solutions to cyber threats.

Cyber Odysseys is an international company specialized in cyber security consulting and project implementation. The state of art in cyber security is guaranteed with interlocking services for corporate and institutional customers. Cyber Odysseys offers merging strategic capabilities of cyber defenses with cyber intelligence and malware investigation. The company has a unique technological edge as well global partnerships securing the most effective results. Cyber Odysseys encompasses years of experience with a talented team developing global projects.

Our mission

To Protect our Customers from Imminent Cyber threats (blackhat hackers, crime organizations and cyber terrorists). The ultimate objective is to protect data, business and revenue. Cyber Odysseys consulting services strive to form a secure cyber ecosystem for its costumers, helping these organizations to strike the right balance between risk, cost and flexibility while protecting critical systems aligned with current threats, to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all information and data.

Through collective leadership and international collaboration, by embracing good practice and the support of global partnerships, our team will work together to define, coordinate and promote world-class systems aimed at providing citizens, businesses and governments with improved levels of cyber resilience and capability.

Thereby achieving a reduction in the harm to businesses and their customers from cyber crime, while providing citizens with the tools they need to defend themselves against all forms of cyber attack.

Special backgrounds

  • National Cyber Organizations (Military, Intelligence, Government, Industry, Infrastructure)




  • Malware Researchers




  • White Hats Hackers (Ethical Hackers)



  • Network Analytics Experts



  • Data Scientists with Big Data Experience



  • CERT Designers and Practitioners



  • Legal Regulations Experts



The Team

  • A group of entrepreneurs experienced in managing big companies and multi million dollar budgets both in private and in the public sector, that bring unique and diverse experience combining a boutique cyber capabilities together with an intimate knowledge about Information and IT systems, creating one of a kind cyber security company that has seen it all.

  • Specialist from the Israeli Defense Forces Elite Units with extense experience in Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Crime by means of advance cyber warfare.

  • Experts working with some of the most sensitive organizations around the world, creating cyber defense strategies and planning robust infrastructure.

  • Professionals involved in extensive governmental and big private organizations, Cyber security projects.

  • Cyber Intelligence experts, experienced in implementing Cyber Situational Awareness in Governments, big firms and critical infrastructure as well as in financial verticals.

Our Promise

Enterprises have to go on the offense to protect themselves from cyber threats. These threats to critical information has risen and enterprise must be vigilant and resilient. Cyber Odysseys is the perfect partner with its wide array of services that deliver critical security solutions and results to the corporation.

  • A detailed report specifying each security problem and its possible consequences.
  • Strategic plan specifying the road map to a safer organization.
  • Best technologies to accommodate your security needs.
  • High reliable Alert system with same day alerts of immediate threats to your organization, accompanied by phone/SMS notification.
  • Weekly reports of recent incidents, vulnerabilities and possible threats.
  • Monthly reports that are elaborated on trends, tools and threats agents.

A solid, robust and impenetrable technological ecosystem driving business results.

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